Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yes, More on Composting

Chow recently posted a story about this under the sink composter. Hmm. Suppose it could work. I mean, if you don't have the luxury of outdoor space, why not bring composting inside? This peeked my interest (especially after my LONG conversation with friends Tim and Josh earlier this summer). It made me think: Why not compost inside?

Well for one, the smell. I don't know if I really want all of my veggies and food remnants roting away in my kitchen. Eck. And is this container sealed? Will bugs and ants be attracted to it? The manufacturers say there isn't too much of an odor, but I still wonder.

Second, this handy contraption doesn't come cheap. It costs a hefty $229. Which for a one time investment, I guess isn't too expensive.

Ok, but despite that, I wonder: what would I do with all of this fertile soil? It would bring me back to wishing I had a garden to use it in! And if that was the case, that would mean I had outdoor space and my whole composting operation would live outdoors! Hmm.

Guess I'm not convinced. I live in an apartment building with 12 units, and I actually wish there was some type of combined building compost. There's even a small yard in the back, we could have a community garden! And use our compost! We could have gardening nights in the summer, and harvest our vegetables for a big dinner. Wouldn't that be great?

Maybe it sounds too hippy/commune/co-op like? But until I have my little house and garden, or the means (and time) to do garden by myself, it seems like it could be a good compromise for busy professions living in the city.

Call me idealistic, but it sounds kind of cool.

Photo of the under the sink composter

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