Saturday, September 6, 2008

What's Up With Ohio??

I am a California gal through and through. And many of my friends that live here in San Francisco are fellow Californian's as well. Many are from Southern California--LA and San Diego, and many from Sacramento and the Central Valley. But there are plenty of people from other states that have come out West for one reason or another. For a job, school, love, or just to live here. After all, SF isn't a bad place to be!

The non-natives I know tend to just sorta come from all over the place. Washington, Illinois, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington DC, and Ohio.

It seems I know an unusually high number of people from Ohio. Seriously. Aside from native Californians, I know more people from Ohio that now live out here than from any other one state.

Is there something about California that drew these people here? Is California that great of a state? (Well, YES!) Or is Ohio just one of those places that people move away from? Are those Buckeyes just drawn to the sun of California? I say, come one, come all. All of my Buckeye friends are the greatest. Why not have more kind Ohioans out here??

What about you? Aside from natives where ever you may be, do you find that there's a high concentration of people from any other area or place?

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