Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Wonderful Summer Weekend

hIt was one of those picture perfect San Francisco weekends. Almost too warm if you ask me! But nevertheless, a great summer weekend. On Saturday, my friend Michelle and I had made plans to check out the 18th Street Block Party in the Mission. It featured food from Bi-Rite market, Bi-Rite Creamery, Delfina, Tartine Bakery, and other vendors from the street. It was a great scene--and we enjoyed our roasted Niman Ranch pork shoulder with a new watermelon beer from 21st Amendment brewery. YUMMY!

The pig they were roasting on the street!

There was a stage where bands were performing. We saw a great rock band--they were all teenagers, couldn't be more than 14. Adorable! We also saw a great hip hop crew from Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy. Amazing performances!

"The She's"

Michelle and I decided it was too hot and that we needed to get out of there. We hit the beach. What a perfect afternoon to spend out at Baker Beach. We weren't the only ones with that great idea. Although Baker Beach was crowded, we found a spot on the beach and laid out (oh yes, with some vino!) It was at least 10 degrees cooler out there, and oh so perfect!!

The only reason we left? I had a dinner party to get ready for! My friend Rob was kind enough to invite us over for dinner, his brother Mike, who was out of town, was kind enough for allowing us to be at his house (opps, did I just blow the secret?), and my friends JT and Troy were even kind enough to pick me up. (You've all heard this city girl complain about public transportation and expensive cab rides!)

We had a wonderful evening chatting, drinking good wine, doing a beer taste test, and of course, eating good food. Rob made an amazing chicken (hopefully we'll have the recipe coming soon!), JT did the brussel sprouts (with bacon! A girl after my heart!), and there was an amazing mushroom risotto too. Oh, and did I mention a yummy salami and cheese plate? The pate was the best part of that plate!

Dessert you ask? My peanut butter ice cream! It was a hit. And I think I've secured a few other taste testers for future ice cream recipes. It was a great warm SF evening out on the deck with Rob and his doggies.

Rob and the boys

As if that wasn't a busy enough day, my Sunday was just as busy! It was time for a ballgame!

View from our seats!

It was a bit of a warm day, and while I enjoy a lot of sports, baseball isn't my favorite. (We didn't even know who the Giants were playing before we got there!) BUT. What I do like about games? The warm weather, the beer, and the chatting through the game!

My Dad, Sister and I at the game!

We didn't stay long. It was too hot. We did stay long enough to see the Giants rally in the fourth inning (and they ended up winning!) And oh, did I mention? I had a show to get to!

I finished off the weekend with checking out Beach Blanket Babylon. Great show, great seeing friends Jason and Eric, and a funny way to end a fun weekend.

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