Thursday, September 18, 2008

Childhood Memories

I love ice cream. You all know that now. While I may not have the serious sweet tooth, I do have a soft spot for ice cream. (oh…and ice cream cake!) Well, the other day I was reading Slashfood, and came across a post about Thrifty Ice Cream!

I remember the days of Thrifty ice cream. When my sister and I were young, this would be one of the biggest treats we could get. On a Saturday afternoon, we would all pile into the car, and drive to a nearby bookstore, where we’d spend time pouring into books. My mom would go to the Mystery section, Michelle and I would go to the Children’s books, and hmmm, I think Dad kind of wandered. If we were lucky that day, Michelle and I would each get to buy one book. So there was the “Baby Sitter’s Club” phase, when we’d want to get the newest book in the collection, and before then there were the Ramona days, and the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and before that the “All Of A Kind Family” books. God we loved our books. Our whole family does.

And then. As if the new book wasn’t a big enough treat? Next door was a Thrifty drug store. With an ice cream counter. And it was always such a great treat to get to go over and get a scope of ice cream. I remember always thinking as we were getting ready to leave the bookstore, was this going to be an ice cream day?? And when it was, you were always guaranteed a scope in that distinct Thrifty shape. With the two little holes up top. I don’t remember how much it was back then, but it was probably close to 50 cents or 75 cents for a single scope. And it was perfect.

Those afternoons will forever be in my memory. Just such a simple way for our family to spend time together. I will always remember my yummy Thrifty ice cream cones and what a treat they were for me.

Well, now I’ve got ice cream on my mind (again), and am excited to try a new BOURBON ICE CREAM recipe!! Thanks Thomas, I’ll let y’ll know how it turns out.

In the meantime, anyone know where my nearest Thrifty Drug store with an ice cream counter is??

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  1. Oh my gosh! I remember the Thrifty ice cream too! I think it was 35 cents a scoop (remember, I am older than you)... and totally came in that strange cubed shape.