Monday, September 1, 2008

A Slow Weekend

For those of you that missed the news, this weekend was the big Slow Food Festival in San Francisco. There are lots of recaps of the weekend festivities out there in cyber space. From Eater SF coverage, to the San Francisco Chronicle team's recaps, there's lots to read and lots to see. Other locals from Carolyn Jung, to Amy Sherman also provide their own take on everything. Here's mine.

It all began on Friday. Kicking it off with the opening of the Marketplace. There were tons of stalls with local farmers selling fresh produce, there was the Victory Gardens, and then the 'Slow Food on the Go' area, where vendors were selling food to go. So much to take in! And on an oh-so-hot day too.

Thanks to my colleague Liz, she dragged our whole team out of the office for a lunch time trek to the Marketplace. There was so much to take in!

You can see the green from a distance!

The Slow Food logo was everywhere

Ummm, an upside down school bus?

Oh, the White House Organic Farm Project!

People everywhere! Does no one have to work anymore??

Our PR team at the Victory Garden!

So cute!

Beautiful raspberries!

Cute squash!

More cute squash

People trying to find some shade!

Preserves. Yum.

More from the garden

Yes, do you have to ask? It's Bi-Rite. We had some.

More Slow Food to Go

Pull up a bushel

Where was Armando?

I LOVED this! It was the 'roof' of the water station...all made from plastic bottles!

Filler up!

The sign cured meat is near by

Larry Bain's "Let's Be Frank" organic hot dogs were a huge hit!

Another mini garden project

Then on Friday night, we went to one of the many kick-off events. An open house at the Cheese School! What could be better than two good girlfriends, wine and cheese.


Lot's of cheese

This one was beautiful and yummy

Sunday my friend JT and I headed to Fort Mason and braced ourselves for the crowds at the Taste Pavilions. I was a little unsure how this was all going to be structured. I had heard there were different Pavilion areas: Bread, Olive Oil, Cheese, Fish, Honey & Preserves, Pickles & Chutney, Native Foods, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Spirits, Wine, Beer, and oh yea. Most importantly? Charcuterie Pavilion.

Bread man welcoming you to the Bread Pavilion, check out the other image galleries, there was a cool bread turtle too!

Duh. Fish Pavilion!

Above the fish display? All these little hooks hanging down!

The ceiling of the Spirits Pavilion was beautiful!

Some may think it was too early for the Spirits Pavilion. But as we were told, go early, go before the lines. Lucky us. This was one of the best Bloody Mary's I've ever had!

The Cheese Board!

The red in the background? Milk crates! Love it!

The Beer Pavilion was where JT and I spent a lot of time. Check out the awesome bar. Different beer bottles were below the slate.

The Pickles & Chutney Pavilion looked awesome. The ceiling was made from the tops of mason jars

We didn't catch any demo's at the Green Kitchen, but it looked pretty cool. And what a great line up!

Pretty flowers to end our day!

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