Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kitchen Jobs I Hate

Well, right now? NONE! Will I ever get to the point where I’ll have kitchen jobs or tasks I hate doing? Maybe.

I mean, we all have parts of our jobs that we hate. At this point, I’ve got PR jobs I hate. Building media lists, cold calling and pitching journalists, going to event after event…the list does go on. But I can’t imagine ever hating any job in the kitchen.

The reason I ask? I saw this post from Slashfood a few days ago, and it caught my eye. I guess if I were working in a professional kitchen 40 hours a week (or more accurately 60 hours a week!), and all I did was peel potatoes, it would get old. Doing anything for that many hours would be hard.

But for now? I'm enjoying my time in both my home kitchen, as well as the professional kitchen. I’m grateful they let me come back to the restaurant kitchen week after week. You have cheese to grate? I’m your gal. Want me to peel potatoes? Sure thing. Right now? I’m just be excited to be in the kitchen—and being able to witness and watch everything happening around me.

What tasks from your job do you hate doing?

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