Wednesday, July 1, 2009

National Ice Cream Month!!

Maybe my favorite of the 'random' holidays...National Ice Cream Month! Whoo hooo! Today kicks off National Ice Cream Month. I have to admit, I've been slacking a little bit with the ice cream making lately. Just seems there have been other things going on and keeping me busy.

BUT, please don't doubt it. I still love ice cream. And have a passion for making it. And want to continue testing new flavor combinations. Maybe during this special month, I'll recommit myself to making the best ice cream possible! And in the meantime, everyone, go out there and eat some ice cream.
One of my favorite birthday presents, an ice cream holder! Thanks Michelle!


  1. you need to come to sac and have some chocolate peanut butter straight out of the lickity split. Or maybe rhubarb? or lemon curd? Limoncello is next...

  2. Upon your recommendation, I "made" everyone in my office eat root beer floats today! Thanks for the National Ice Cream Month notification.
    -Jen Wong

  3. Thanks for the notification about National Ice Cream Month! As a result, I "made" everyone in my office eat (or is it drink?) a root beer float today.