Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dirty Dozen

Recently Michael Bauer from the San Francisco Chronicle talked about the dozen dishes from restaurants around town that he craved. It got me thinking. I'm constantly talking about dishes that I crave. So what would my 12 dishes be?? Well, here they are. In no particular order, but rather just as they came to me!

- Spaghettini from Incanto
- Smelt from Kokkari
- Crab noodles from Poleng Lounge
- Fried brussel sprouts from SPQR
- Pizza from Pizzeria Delfina
- Farro salad from Beretta,
- Baked pasta from Nopa
- Fried chicken from Maverick
- Taco's from Nick's Crispy Tacos (Nick's style of course!)
- Maccaronara from A16
- Crab from PPQ
- BBQ pork fried rice from U-Lee

What are yours?

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