Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beep! Beep!

I’ve always envied those people zipping by me on their little scooters. I look on enviously as I’m cramped between two people on the MUNI bus. Or I longingly eye the one parked across the street each weekend day when I think about the errands I have to run and just how easy it would be if I could scoot around town, neighborhood to neighborhood picking up all the things I need. Or even more recently, with a full batch of jam successfully made, I wanted to have my own little jam delivery service. Delivering sweet jars of goodness to my friends.

I know that riding a scooter can be dangerous. But I also know there are precautions you can take. And that I can take some classes and learn tips and ways to be safer. And hey, I can't not do something just for the chance of getting hurt!

After some initial research it appears that my two best scooter options are the Vespa ET and the Yamaha Vino.

Both aren’t too high off the ground (since I’m not so tall!) And both seem to be relatively light and good beginner scooters. Thoughts from anyone? Preferences? Positive or negative experiences with either?

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