Thursday, December 24, 2009

Surprise Christmas Present--Guest Blogging

What a treat. I've never been asked to be a guest blogger before! So when I was at my friend's for our annual holiday get together, I was pleasantly surprised when his brother, and my friend, Adam asked me to guest post on his blog. And by guest blog, he meant right then and there!

So while he was in the shower, the fastest shower in the world, I was put to the test. It's a little bit of pressure to write something on someone else's blog. And in so little time! But here it is--on his blog: Cycling Teacher Guy.

So thanks to Adam for letting me write a little something on his blog. Hopefully I'll be able to convince him to write a few guests posts for me too! He's always out hiking and riding, and has great stories from his classroom and travels. I'm jealous of the things he gets to see and do. So maybe he'll share some of it with all of us here!

Hoping you're all enjoying the holiday season with your friends and family!

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