Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meal of the Month: October

What a month. In the midst of a move across town, I also spent part of the month in Baltimore and New York City!! Baltimore was special because I was able to see some of my most favorite PR people from around the country. While we nibbled on delicious food at the big party we were all there to attend, one of my favorite meals in Baltimore would have to be ordering room service for about 8 of us and all chowing down in my room post event (we called it our very own sleepover!)

Post Baltimore, I was New York City bound. The eating is always great out there, and this month was no different. I hit up Blue Ribbon Sushi late the first night I arrived, and then moved onto my second and third (and fourth) ‘dinners’. My “Liquid Dinners”. My friends and I hit up Bobo, Jane Ballroom, Randolph and the Whiskey Ward for a night of debauchery. Amazing food at Blue Ribbon Sushi, and amazing drinks at all of the bars that followed.

The next day kicked off with some time in Brooklyn, where I checked out Diner, ate at Marlowe & Sons. More meals (both solids and liquids!) were experienced in Brooklyn later that weekend. Including returning to Clover Club, Char No 4 and Prime Meats. The experience at all of those spots were amazing, but Prime Meats was my favorite. Wonderful German food in a gastro pub environment. With delicious cocktails too! Perfect for a chilly fall evening.

Back in Manhattan, I also checked out the Crosby Hotel and Bar, Public Restaurant, and made a return trip to Boqueria. Nothing says Sunday afternoon like a glass of sparkling rose and some Spanish tapas at the bar.

Hard to believe none of those amazing meals and experiences were the meal of the month.

Back in San Francisco, I craved some of my comfort foods. Dim Sum at Koi Palace, dinner at Out the Door Bush Street (twice in two weeks—it was that good!) and dinner at U-Lee with my sister before we both moved out of Russian Hill. All amazing meals.

But none were Meal of the Month.

I had a home cooked meal at my friend Jen and Troy’s home (amazing slow cooked ribs made by our friend Joe!), and dinner at Beretta with my new Twitter friends Meigan and Guy (so fun to finally meet them in person after months of communicating!)

Then there was the big move---and a series of home cooked meals (finally!) A simple breakfast for my friend Defne and I, a yummy roasted chicken dinner (complete with brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes), and lots of wine and cheese nights. There was even Halloween at my new home, filled with snacks, nibbles, pizza and a scary movie. A fun and special night—but not exactly Meal of the Month worthy.

So which was my meal of the month?

Brunch at the Spotted Pig. Why?? For many reasons! One, it’s the Spotted Pig of course! So you know without a doubt, the meal was delicious. And it was a gorgeous sunny fall day in New York. I had taken a leisurely stroll to get there, and loved taking in all of the sights and sounds. It was as if I lived out there and this was just another Sunday. I was also dining with my friend Danica. And we had a great time catching up, and continuing to get to know each other.

Another reasons it was my Meal of the Month? We shared a moment that kept us laughing all day (and well, still has me laughing) It also reminded me that it’s a small world. And that sometimes, the gods have a funny way of laughing at us. Danica captures the story oh so well here. And well, when you’re handed lemons, at least make some lemonade out of it. Enjoy the story.

So what will next month bring? God only knows.

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