Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm about a week into my new home. And I love it. New surroundings. New routines. Having a space to call my own. I'm still adjusting.

There's more space than I'm use to. There's no overhead lightening, and so until I get some lamps, it's a tad darker than I'm use to. Still getting use to the windows and curtains, and working on getting the rooms the perfect temperature. There are still boxes everywhere--and I'm still tripping over myself a little bit. My morning routine isn't really figured out yet. And I'm still getting use to my new way of getting to work.

I'm adjusting to being a homeowner. And already noticing that I'm taking better care of my home. I'm cleaning obsessively. Being careful not to drag furniture on the hardwood floors. And getting use to being responsible for dragging out the garbage.

But what have I quickly adjusted to? My new kitchen.



A bit of a difference, right? I think this kitchen is just about all I needed to see to be convinced that this was the home for me. The kitchen is probably the most important room in my home. And while I was fine with my old kitchen for more than five years, and while I NEVER let it stop me from making something, I was excited for the upgrade.

I'm looking forward to many wonderful meals in my new home. Many new cooking 'experiments' in my new kitchen. And many nights sitting around the table sharing stories and laughter with friends.

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