Monday, October 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

A phrase we've all heard before. But what does it actually mean to you? Me? My home is an important place to me. A place that's more than just the four walls around me. A place that I feel safe. My retreat. The place my family and friends can congregate in. A place to relax and to be myself.

I've live in my apartment for more than five years. It's been my home. My retreat after bad days, bad break-ups, and the death of my mom. It's also been a place of celebrations. Christmas trees, birthdays, dinner parties, girlfriend's over gossiping, romantic dinners.

I am excited, proud, scared and nervous to announce...

I bought a condo. And escrow closed. I officially own a little piece of San Francisco. On a beautiful tree lined street, I will have a place to of my own to call home.

So! As my entire life savings has been invested into this little place, I'm sure the months to follow will include many more home cooked meals. And many more nights when I'll have friends over and we will be staying IN!

Here's to the next chapter of my that includes trips to hardware stores, saving pennies for the mortgage, DIY projects, and many new memories in my new home.

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