Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Smallest Big City

San Francisco isn't large in terms of area. But when it comes to population? Latest figures show that there are more than 808,000 people living in our little 7x7 square mile city. It often surprises me that for as small, geographically, as the city is, and as much as I'm out, I don't run into more people. I guess it's the abundance of restaurants, bars, and things going on around the city. There's so much to do at any given time! Or maybe because there really is almost one million people here. Or maybe it's that little thing that is a continuous theme in my life- timing.

Well, recently, I've been running into people. Lots of people. And all in my little Russian Hill neighborhood. That same little neighborhood I'm leaving in just a matter of weeks.

From running into people in a small neighborhood restaurant, to seeing friends drive by as I'm enjoying a glass of wine at night, to see a friend from work walking by the restaurant I'm dining in. When did this start happening? I’m leaving a neighborhood where I’m surrounded by friends. Friends around the corner from me, just down Polk, just up Hyde, and just over on Gough. And umm. Not to mention my sister and uncle minutes away. And I’m just talking about my close friends. I am surrounded.

This is my comfort zone. But just as I’m getting comfortable in my little neighborhood (some may say I’ve been living in a small bubble), it’s time to leave. And life must go on. But I have a feeling all these run-in’s has been the universe’s way of asking me "You sure you wanna move?" "You really want to leave Russian Hill?"

Yes. I am ready to move. I am ready for a new ‘bubble’. I am ready for new run-in’s (already have had one in my neighborhood—one day as I was there checking out the apartment for one last walk through, I ran into an acquaintance grabbing a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop.) It’s time for new surroundings. To start thinking about who’s in my new neighborhood. And preparing my self for new run-in’s and pleasant surprises.

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