Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Affair

I have a love affair. A love affair with New York City. Every single time I'm there, I fall in love with the city.

I’m in love with Murray Hill where my pied-a-terre, 70 park avenue hotel is. With Brooklyn, and the old brownstones and neighborhood feel. With the amazing restaurants and bars. With the excitement. With the adventure. With the shopping. And all of the different neighborhoods.

It's a love affair-because like most affairs, I don't actually leave my home. I like what I've got going in San Francisco. It's just nice to be able to leave for a little while, live in a fantasy land, and then to return to the comforts of home. Back to my beautiful city. Back to my friends. My family. My life. My routine. My comfort zone.

But sometimes, like an affair, I wonder if this is something I’m going to regret. Should I have moved? Should I have spent some time in New York? Should I have left San Francisco?

Well, unlike relationships, I don’t see any harm in allowing my affair to continue. I’m going to continue making to make my regular trips and to spend time in the wonderful city. And well, in the meantime, try and remember all of the wonderful things about MY city that I love. And those important reasons that I choose to stay here.

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