Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Those Damn Book Cases

This recent move has been a test of my patience. And my handy work. It was one thing after another. Problems with the cable. A leak in my storage unit. The wrong chaise lounge was delivered. A never ending game of "What's wrong now?"

One example of this? I had eagerly bought two new bookcases online. With my beautiful big living room, I had enough space to proudly display my cookbooks, photos and little trinkets. These bookcases were ladder like--and positioned at a slant. I thought they were fantastic. It was a good plan. But not so simple.

These beautiful and simple book cases turned out to be not so easy to assemble. There were many attempts made--why? Well, first, did you know the instructions actually say that you need a minimum of two people to assemble them? Yes. Apparently not something I can do solo.

So, after gathering some of the best girlfriends a girl could ask for, we had a little 'book case assemblying party'. Complete with lots and lots of champagne, the girls and I opened up the box, laid out all of the pieces, had our tools ready, and were making fine progress--until. Until a piece broke. And the hardware store was already closed.

Right. Great. SO, a trip to the hardware store the next day, and a replacement piece was in hand. Yay! Just when I thought I was on the final steps, I picked up the instructions and realized. We had skipped a step. We didn't glue the stupid little wooden dowels in.

SO. Another weekend, even more champagne, and yet another good friend came into the mix. And we had a disassemble and glue/reassemble party. The pieces sprawled all over my living room floor once again. And now the whole process was all too familiar to me.

And at last. They were done.

My beautiful bookcases crammed full with my cookbooks and important personal nick knacks. It was a pain, and a process getting these things built. But I love them. And each time I look at them, I think about the blood, sweat, tears, and friends and champagne it took to get these things built. And it makes them even more special to me.

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