Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Favorite: The Orchards

Aren't these photos incredible? A few weeks ago, I drove out to Brentwood with my sister and good friend Tarlan. Our mission? Peach picking!

For some reason, my sister and I have always wanted to do this. Maybe it was my obsession with Laura Ingalls Wilder and a vision of living on a farm. Or maybe it was my sister's love for Anne of Green Gables, and life on the picturesque rural Prince Edward Island. Regardless, this was something we had always wanted to do.

In addition to peaches? We picked plums and apples. We had a great time--although I do have to admit, I'm not sure how fun it would have been if we had to pick all day under that hot sun. And of course for us, it was a novelty. A photo shoot we kept saying (and we did get some awesome photos!)

In the end? A really fun day and an amazing experience. Would I go back? For sure! I would like to go pick some other fruits and vegetables too.

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