Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling Down

I’ve been kind of feeling down lately. There have been little things that are getting me down. Frustrating situations at work. People rubbing me the wrong way. That date that never came through (because, yes, you guessed it, a busy night at the restaurant.) Things just not going my way. Not a big deal. Things I can shrug off.

Then there are the things that are a little bit more frustrating and more challenging for me to get over. That guy I like that just isn’t that into me. Struggling to feel comfortable and confident on my scooter. Finding balance between work, my friends, and my own quiet down time.

Then the hardest thing? A situation that’s made me miss my mom even more than usual. It has my heart aching and has me thinking about how different my life was just a few short years ago.

The combination of all of these things? It’s just gotten me down. I’m beat. Each time I try and look at the positives, something else happens. Each time I try and shake it off, something else gets thrown at me. My emotions are up and down. I feel like that poor character in Charlie Brown that’s got that dark cloud over them. Following me no matter which way they go.

I’m continuing to try and keep my head above water. To keep my chin up. And to stay smiling. And thank goodness for so many amazing friends. Ready to be there with me when I need a drink (bourbon please!), there when I need a walk, some company, or just a good cry. In the meantime? Forgive me if the next time you see me I’ve got that glistening tear in my eye.

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