Monday, August 24, 2009


This blog post on Slashfood made me think. For a girl that will eat just about everything, what foods do I dislike? There are a handful of things. Things you wouldn’t be surprised to hear (goat kidney for example). But then there are some other foods that you might be surprised to hear. For example, if you’ve been a longtime reader of my blog, you’ll know about my dislike for cilantro from this post.

But did you know there are other foods that I don’t love? Foods that sure, I’ll eat. But will I ever choose to eat them? Do I ever make them at home? Do I ever order it when I’m at a restaurant? No. For example, risotto. Yup. Sorry guys. Not my favorite thing to eat. I prefer straight up pasta. What else? Oysters. I like one every now and again. But eat dozens and dozens of them? Not for me. A few other things? Mushrooms. Chorizo. Again, foods I do eat. But not favorites. I don’t love papaya. And while I eat pineapple (and love it), I don’t love pineapple juice (so when you’re making me a cocktail, please refrain from adding the juice!)

What do you dislike? What foods or dishes do you hate? What foods or dishes are you just not crazy about?


  1. I'm not a fan of:
    balsamic vinegar
    anything "smeared" on my plate
    food that is too "deconstructed"

  2. Joe! Apples?? Who are you?? :) I totally agree with "foam" though. And I'm not a huge fan of radicchio too. Good ones!