Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Favorite: End of a Long Night

I absolutely love this photo. It was taken at the end of a long night of eating and drinking. My friends and I had begun with pre-dinner drinks (thank you Mark!), and then headed over to Incanto for Chef Chris Cosentino's Head to Tail dinner. We started off with some bubbly while waiting for our table, and then yes, we did have the wine pairings with dinner. Post dinner? Drinking some bourbon-like-sake with the kitchen crew, and then heading over to Beretta for some more drinks.

So much fun! But you know it's time to go home when your feet are killing you--so much so that you have to take off your shoes.

How exactly did my shoes end up on the table? Not really sure. And why did I put down my BlackBerry AND my beer (two things that never leave my hand)? Again, not really sure. And how did a candle end up IN my shoe? Sigh. No clue.

What am I sure of? It was one fun night with some great friends.


  1. Love the candle in your yellow heels. Matt is so hot on yellow right now, too bad it can't be Barbie's new color.