Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Favorite Seasonal Ice Cream

The inspiration behind my recent holiday ice cream? A holiday favorite!

Candy Canes!

Growing up, my sister and I loved the grocery store peppermint stick ice cream. You know, the vanilla ice cream with bright gooey swirls of pink and green mint? We moved on to the occasional treat of the Swensen's peppermint ice cream, which was white peppermint with the chunks of candy cane in it.

Well, as our palates have grown even more sophisticated, that same grocery store peppermint stick ice cream just wasn't going to cut it for me anymore. So this past year, I decided I would try and make my very own peppermint stick ice cream!

It wasn't too hard. I decided that I'd get the minty flavor from fresh mint. So the base of my ice cream was a fresh mint ice cream. One of my all time favorite home made ice cream flavors, I figured that given the yummy base, the ice cream should be delicious.

I bought a bunch of candy canes and smashed them up into small bits and pieces (I swear I thought my horrible downstairs neighbor was going to come up screaming at me with all the noise I was making.)

Because my candy cane chunks were a bit inconsistent, I figured I'd just stir the pieces into the ice cream, and it wouldn't matter. What I didn't think about, was the fact that even just by stirring the candy pieces into the white fresh mint ice cream, it would turn the ice cream a light pink color!

It was perfect. A nice re-do of a classic. Everyone loved the peppermint ice cream on top of our little chocolate cakes. Maybe we have new family holiday ice cream tradition??

My sister and I taking a break from eating for a photo!

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