Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Cream Dreams

I’m absolutely obsessed with ice cream. I think that’s pretty clear by now given how much you hear about my eating and making ice cream. My dream job right now? To be at home making ice cream all day long. Maybe even selling it to a few restaurants or small coffee shops. Or if nothing else, making it for all of my friends and family!

A local San Fran pastry chef recently opened up an ice cream shop, Humphrey Slocombe. And part of the reason I’m so excited? It’s because of the flavors they’re offering. Pastry Chef Jack Godby is offering some unique flavors (and unique food tattoo art, check it out here!). For anyone wanting regular old chocolate or vanilla? Not the place for you. But for me?!? WOW! I want to go and try every single flavor!

Or better yet, I want to go and spend time working with him. Learning more about ice cream making, picking up tips and techniques and of course, seeing how he dreams up these different flavors.

The flavors I want to try most? Foie gras. Yes. You heard me right. Foie gras ice cream. And Lychee Rose Petal. Pistachio bacon. And Salt and Pepper. And Secret Breakfast. I mean really. All of the flavors sound amazing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my ice cream lately. Thinking about the things I’ve learned since I started, and about the flavors I’ve made, and the flavors I want to make. And even took out my note book one day and jotted down all of the flavor combinations I want to try and make one of these days. Betcha can’t wait to hear about them all??

I’m hoping for one or two new flavors every month or so. Just think, in the 10 months since I’ve first started making ice cream, I’ve mastered 8 flavors (Fresh Mint, Peppermint Stick, Espresso, Bourbon Raisin, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Crème fraiche, Fresh Peach and Cherry and Chocolate Chip.) Who knows what the next 10 months will bring?

My friend Olga recently sent me this old article on ice cream from the New York Times. A good read, it really talks about some of the basics of ice cream making, as well as some of the fun of making your own ice cream. I realized something the other night. I haven't had store bought ice cream in months! I want ice cream? I just make it!!

I also came across this great post on Michael Laiskonis’ blog, Workbook. I’m a fan of this blog, although some of the posts are a little bit technical for me. While I wish I had the time and energy to pour into the science behind his creations, I just don’t have it in me. But this post about ice cream was particularly interesting. I’ve printed it out and saved it…maybe some day I will have the time to devote to really learning the science behind ice cream!

A girl can dream…
The ice cream carrier my sister gave me for Christmas--now I can bring my ice cream to my friend's houses and keep it cold! One of the best presents ever!

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