Monday, January 12, 2009

Favorite Aussie Words

I have always loved the Aussie accent. How can you hear it and not have it bring a smile to your face?

What I didn't know? Was that they had so many sayings and different words. Here are some of my favorite words, phrases and sayings from my trip Down Under:

- Bottle Shop: liquor store
- Mystery bag: a meat pie (doesn't sound too appealing does it?)
- Chrissie: Christmas!
- Prezzies: presents (what Chrissie would be complete without prezzies?)
- Sickie: taking a day off work when you're not actually sick
- Roadie: an alcoholic beverage you take on the road with you
- Brekkie: why breakfast of course! (My favorite usage of the word? "Chew your arm off and have some brekkie")

A few words we left without ever knowing the meaning of. Can anyone help? Any Aussie's reading that want to help?

- Tog
- Turps
- Budgie smugglers


  1. Great post Jamie, love the local slang, very cool!

  2. I suppose nobody there actually ever says, "shrimp on the barbie''? ;)