Saturday, May 8, 2010

Takin' My Time

I have been a bad blogger. And I know I've said it before and in the past, this type of post has been my recommitment to my blog. Promising lots and lots of posts.

But this time, it's a little different. There's been a lot going on in my life. A great deal of soul searching. A lot of time with good friends. And a lot of realizing what makes me happy. And what doesn't. A lot of good things have been happening. And on top of that? Lots of sun. And lots less computer time. So what does this all mean?

I am going to try and get back to my little blog. But I'm also going to take a little bit of a different spin on it. And try to write about some different things. There'll still be some of my usual posts--hopefully continuing to post a Friday Favorite picture, and yes, don't worry. The ever popular Meal of the Month 'column' will stay.

So, stay tuned. Just give me a little bit of time.

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