Thursday, May 13, 2010

Attempted: Seasonal Fruit Desserts

I was honored to be asked to participate in a blog cookbook spotlight to highlight Deborah Madison's new cookbook, Seasonal Fruit Desserts. I was THRILLED when the book arrived. Couldn't wait to flip through it. Read it cover to cover. And already thought about which recipes I wanted to make.

So I was SO excited to get started. I had loads and loads of fresh strawberries, and was ALL ready to tackle the Berry Galette. It sounded just perfect. And that was when it happened.

My oven broke. I had all of the ingredients out, and was all ready to make the pastry dough, when I went to turn on the oven to pre-heat it, I realized it didn't work. The clock was still on. And the timer button worked. But as I went to go touch the bake and broil buttons? Nada. The oven was broken. No Berry Galette for me.

Now, we're in the midst of going through warranties, having repair men come and look at the oven, getting parts ordered (expensive parts, might I add), and well. It's a waiting game.

So until the oven's fixed? Torture. Looking through all of the recipes. Mouth watering. I'm anxious to try a lot of the recipes. For example:

Nearly Candied Quince...I can't wait for quince season. Sounds SO good!

Yeasted Sugar Cake...I love simple cakes. And this one with some berries on top sounds perfect for a summer picnic.

Almond Corn Flour Cake...I love almonds. And I love corn. Sounds like the perfect combo to me.I'm guessing this is going to be a favorite in my house.

Ricotta Mousse...Yum!

Persimmon Pudding...We had persimmon trees in the backyard growing up. And although I couldn't really appreciate the persimmon when I was young, my sister and I would rake the large persimmon leaves every fall. So many great memories! Well, now, I've learned to appreciate the delicious presimmon, and can't wait to make this pudding!

Milk and Honey Custard...Custards. I'm a sucker for a good custard. I can't wait to make different versions of this custard, using different honeys!

Pomegranate Gelee...I love gelee. While I don't have that chocolate sweet tooth, I see a gelee put in front of me, and I can't resist.

So readers. Stay tuned. As soon as this oven is fixed. I'm going out, and buying more berries, and trying again. Let's just hope it won't be stone fruit season by the time this oven's done. Well, I guess if that's the case, I'll just have to change plans and go for the Berry and Peach Cobbler instead.

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