Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mt. Wanda

Some gorgeous photos from my recent Christmas Eve hike on Mt. Wanda. Many of the photos are courtesy of Cycling Teaching Guy, who has a fancy new camera and took many gorgeous pics.

The path...

Great views of the East Bay!

I loved this little barn in the distance and am glad my friend Adam's camera was able to capture this image framed by the pretty trees.

It was sunny and surprisingly not too cold--gotta love living in California!

I LOVED this picture of the leaves up close.

Gorgeous shot as you're approaching the final stretch of the hike. You can see how the trees almost create an awning overhead.

And one of the things I loved the most? This little bench just off of the path. I know I'll be back on this hike, and I have visions of sitting on this bench and contemplating the world with a good friend.

Here's to getting out on more hikes in 2010!!

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  1. Excellent photos, I have many more hikes up my sleeve, with even more amazing views. I saw a few newts on a hike with Matt/Peter the other day, you would love to blog about those! Come out anytime Ms. Law...