Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lonely Day Pie

What do you do when you're down or lonely? I have friends that work out (jealous, wish that was me), and others that clean (also jealous.) Some drink (yea, been there too.) Others? They must sit at home and just sulk (ok, been guilty of that too.)

But me? I have to do something to make my mind off of things. I will often turn to the kitchen and cook or bake. What did I choose to do Sunday when I was feeling lazy and slightly down on a grey Sunday? I chose baking.

Decided to take out one of my new cookbooks and try a new recipe. And since I had some fresh yummy apples from the Farmer's Market, an apple pie sounded as good as anything. Plus I needed practice rolling out dough and making pie crust.

The only problem? When the pie was done, I didn't feel like cutting into it. It seemed so silly and like such a waste to cut a small sliver of pie for just one person. (plus, shhh, but I really don't have that much of a sweet tooth.) Back to the original problem, the whole lonely thing. What's the fun in cooking and baking if there's no one to cook and bake for??

The only saving grace? All of my wonderful friends that while not physically with me, with me on email, text message, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks for the love and support. Guess I'm only physically alone. Until then? Anyone want some apple pie?

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  1. that looks delish! Thanks for the nice quilt comments--want to maybe have a sewing day to finish yours? I still want to see your new place in the city...