Sunday, April 4, 2010

Meal of the Month: March 2010

Well. March was a busy month. And not surprisingly, once again, filled with many amazing meals. There was a dinner at Scala’s (with a soon to be bride and groom), a Sunday brunch at OTD Bush Street with two busy chef friends, nibbles at the bar at Range (with two fun industry friends), checking out the newly opened Marlowe with a friend, nibbles at Cav after a long day of work (and getting to meet Chef Johnny in person after a long Twitter friendship), catching up with an old friend at OTD Bush Street, a pizza Pi date with friends in my neighborhood, and nibbles and drinks with old and new friends at Heaven’s Dog. Let’s not forget a crazy industry party/book launch party (on a Sunday night no less), that started off with drinks and food at Orson, and then lead a smaller group of us to Pizzeria Delfina for an ‘after party’ of sorts.

And there were lots of meals with family (and friends that are like family to me). Dinner in Martinez with my East Bay family, my dad’s birthday dinner at Incanto, a special pizza dinner with a special friend Mo (who is family to me), and then dinner at a very special occasion—my good friend Adam’s wedding. Oh. And speaking of family. There was family meal at Incanto. Twice.

The spread at Mo's table

We can’t forget about the fun nights with two of my closest girlfriends. There was the slightly crazy girls night out (ahem, which some boys crashed), that started at Bean Bag, then progressed to Nopa, Club Waziema, and finally Madrone Lounge…and then the even crazier girls night out which started off with nibbles at Slow Club but then moved onto crashing (kind of crashing) a crazy house party followed by crashing a bachelor party. Oh. And did I mention the seven plus course brunch at the Four Seasons that Defne and I had?? Ummm, yea. Extravagant. And yet oh so delicious.

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict

My Meal of the Month would have to be the Head to Tail dinner at Incanto. Chef Chris Cosentino’s annual dinner, it’s been a tradition of mine to go, and this year was no different. Why was it so special and why was it my Meal of the Month? Some of it? Tradition. A tradition I started a few years ago that I’m able to share with my food crazed friends. Another reason why? It’s a way for me to support my friend Chef Chris Cosentino. Another reason? It’s a meal that’s unlike anything else that I can find anywhere. There are always surprises! And most importantly? Part of the reason this meal is one of my favorites each year? The anticipation of it and then the discovery of all of these new dishes and new flavors. I always know I’m going to have a unique (and delicious) experience.

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