Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slowing Down...

Dear Readers,

I still love my little blog. I still love you all. And I still love blogging. But why haven't I been doing it you ask? Time. Energy. Other projects. But I'm thinking about you all lots and lots. I promise.

And in the meantime, a few things.

This piece on Yahoo! about the decline of blogging with the younger generation caught my eye. So interesting. I promise I don't completely fall into that category. I DO still love blogging.

You want to hear what's on my mind? Follow my Tweets! I do have to admit, those short, succinct, 140 character bursts are a lot easier to keep up with. Find me there. All the same random thoughts. And many more thoughts about food, friends, life...and did I mention food?

You want to read about some of my recent eating escapades? Here's a review I wrote about Out the Door Bush Street...AND here's a review about the new wine bar, Heart, that's in my neighborhood. Hopefully I'll be channeling the reviewer in me to write a few more reviews online. We'll see.

Ok. So before I leave you. Here's a photo to keep you drooling for more!

From a recent dinner out with my good friends Wendy and Mark. Fried chicken and ramen--can someone say comfort food?

Hang in there readers. I'll be back. I hope you will be too!


  1. Where'd you get the ramen? Suzu? Looks good!

  2. Heart is in your neighborhood? Wait a sec, Heart is in my neighborhood! Or, well, close enough. Perhaps see you there some time soon!